First, a blessing, and an invocation.

I am so delighted that Deeksha Vats will be editing Poetry Witch Magazine! Exactly. Restoring poetry to its home at the intersection of daily life, community, and spirituality–the role it has played in earth-centered,  matriarchal cultures across the world— is the intention of all aspects of Poetry Witch, and the Magazine will be an essential part of that. 

As a blessing on this magazine, I will invoke the Five Directions.

I cast a sacred circle here, now, with these words, in this space.

May this sacred circle welcome all who write for this blog and all who read this blog with these beautiful blessings: 

From the South:  passion, creativity, and engagement

From the East:    clarity, discernment, and communication

From the North:   rootedness, usefulness, and gratitude

From the West:   connection, healing, and love

From the Center: intuition, faith, and joy

So may it be!




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