Make For Higher Ground


In Make for Higher Ground, Diane Lee Moomey exudes a quiet bemusement and tender buoyancy as she meditates on lasting and ephemeral relationships, both human and elemental. With a delicious assortment of meters and forms—not unlike the mango, figs, grapes and cheeses of “Pandemic Picnic, a proposal”—Moomey delights and nourishes readers with her camellia petals, tide pools, purple gloves, red canoe, “whistle/of blackbirds and of train.” I’ve awarded multiple prizes to her sonnets in the Soul-Making Keats literary competition because of their elegance and artistry and because, as we see in the final poem of this wise and graceful collection, “my sonnets hold the roofless dark at bay.” Truly, all of the poems in Make for Higher Ground illuminate and inspire us.
–Kathleen McClung, author of A Juror Must Fold in on Herself and Temporary Kin

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Make For Higher Ground, poetry in form by Diane Lee Moomey; 66 pp., 6″x9″; Barefoot Muse Press 2021. The listed price includes a signed copy and shipping to any mainland US address.


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